Chestertown, MD Local Pharmacy Truths and Myths

Stam Drugs provides prescription and OTC medicine for families in the Chestertown, MD area. For more than 124 years, your neighbors and friends have come to us for fast, friendly service. With all the information flying around the internet and on news programs, it’s easy to understand how some misconceptions about local pharmacies and the products we offer can start. We’d like to set some of those myths straight.

The Truth About Pharmacies:

Myth: Independent drug stores charge more money for medicine than national chains.

Truth: National surveys show there is less than a 1% difference in the average pricing between national and local pharmacies.

Myth: Local pharmacies only accept a small number of prescription drug plans.

Truth: Stam Drugs accepts ALL prescription drug plans. The cost of the prescription will be virtually the same no matter where you go.

The Truth About Herbal Supplements:

Myth: Vitamins and herbal supplements can be dangerous to your health.

Truth: This is true of any medication. One should always take care that they know what they’re mixing and what they should and should not take because of their health situation. Taken as directed, the supplements Stam Drugs puts on the shelf pose no more danger than any FDA approved drug. Glucosamine, for instance, helps with your arthritis pain without being hard on your stomach or kidneys. Some homeopathic drugs have also been shown to produce results for patients approaching the quality of or as effectively as conventional medicines.

Myth: Herbal supplements can help me lose weight without even having to work out.

Truth: Try to avoid supplements like these that promise miraculous results. When it comes to weight loss, a good diet, exercise, plenty of water and foods high in fiber are best.

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