Stam Drugs is known in the Chestertown, MD area for its soda fountain and Hershey's ice cream parlor. A feature of the community since 1886, we have become a summertime and after school favorite for families in the entire area. Featuring a wide selection of soda and Hershey's ice cream flavors, our desserts are a great way to reward good grades, sports teams, or simply to have a nice day out.

We Offer Treats Including:

  • Sodas of all kinds
  • Ice cream in many flavors
  • Milkshakes
  • Ice cream floats

With food and fun for the entire family, we’re also a great place to begin or end a date. A sweet treat for a low price is always welcome after a busy week – we look forward to seeing you!

Contact Stam Drugs today at 410-778-3030, or browse the website for more information about pharmacy or local pharmacy truths and myths.


p: 410-778-3030

f: 410-778-3158